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48 Yr Old Wife Just some pictures my hubby took of me. He keeps telling me I'm a hottie but after 30 yrs of marriage I think he's suppose to say that. What do you all think? Annie
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Met this sexy mature woman online and had been seeing her on and off for a few years. These pics are of our last meeting before I left town. She loves to suck cock (and pussy) and get her pussy eaten.
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these were done on a very cold winter day. the temp was bolew freezing. you can see ice in some of the pics.taken just inside a state park.
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Her is my wife Cindy on a balcony in New Orleans. She always enjoys the excitement of being outside when we take pictures. Hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them.
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Grazie a tutti per i commenti dei passati contri,spero che mi votate per arrivare ai primi posti,potete commentare direttamente a beatrice-67 libero puntoit.
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These pictures from way back are of Mary in her basque which she wore often but generally with something on top of it. I prefered it this way.
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*Ba Bareass In The Cold - The title says it all. It was very cold [and windy]We took these pics just for fun and thought we would like to post them for the v.w. bareass in the cold contest.
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Amy's First Time on VW Amy's first time on VW She may not look it but she is one kinky girl Nice Rack She loves to be tied up Likes to be used while restraine
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Some of you missed the past contris I submitted this year, and wanted to see "more" of my wife, so here are some repeats of what I have sent in, for those above-mentioned. Hope you like 'em...
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One of the models in the left column wanted to see me, so I thoght I'd come out of my shell and see if any other gals wanted to see me. I just turned 43 yesterday.
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I already posted the big natural breasts of Fleur. Some people asked for her ass, so here it is. She made the pic for me with her webcam. So sorry for the quality. Hope you like it.
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I got excited after seeing Tequila show that ass off. Man her chocolate pussy looks yummy too. However, Nikki keeps my dick very happy and I hope her pussy brings your dick satisfaction too