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Just taking some pics when we were in columbus ohio. If ya think ya know her please E-mail us. There might be a reward if ya do. (wink-wink)
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Hello VW crew, Again a few pics of Camelia. We called them Sexy Rear inside because it was to cold to go outside. As always Camelia hopes she gets good comments.
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However, the language barrier sure didn't hinder our ability to find our way back to their apartment after a few rounds of drinks and some heavy flirting though.
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Penny takes off her clothes, and gets comfortable on the couch. Then she reaches down and spreads her pussy lips apart, and rolls over and pulls her butt cheek to the side for a great shot.
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My beautiful wife at 4 months pregnant. If all goes well we plan to post more...maybe even in Redclouds, or Homeclips! ;) Please vote for her!
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To prove it I hid a cam with a motion detector in a vent and waited. For over a year all I got was her walking around or sitting on the couch.
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I picked up some scented candles for the shoot and the sweet aroma just filled the room. The scent actually put in a romantic mood and helped me to orgasm easier. Hope you like my matching lingerie.
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Despues De Cenar /After The Dinner Fuimos a cenar y de vuelta a casa paramos para hacer unas fotos. We wento to dinner and after we make same photos.
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naked family beachesAlways wanted to be a pornstar. Would like to hear if the ladies think I've got what it takes. Any other comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
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naked family beachesJust had to take the dress off...and feel the air between legs...the grass carressing the skin...on the Bob's music rythm...
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When we saw the "Vertical Boobs" competition, we realized we have quite a few photos of 's hanging vertically downward AND pointing vertically upwards... Hope you enjoy!!
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Lily got 53 this year but she is still the adorable girl i met in 1964.... this time she danced for me in Joes Peeano Bar... Lucky Hubby Joe