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On the last august i and my hubby rented an apartment with a garden: my new neighbours were very happy when i got my photos taken!
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Verry nice big hangers. Pefect for a 45 yr old mom of 3. Ilove and am lucky to see them everynight and when she sends me pics like this.
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Just bought new outfit, and wanted to see if the pics would take to the site. To be continued with nudity! So dont whine! titled by her husband Corey
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Please comment and leave all the juicy detailed description you want, what u think of her and what you would love to do with her.It really turns her on to read your comments the longer the better.
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Here's Lexxx, 23 yr old swinging wife, "on the rocks" near her home in Woodstock NY. Sure it was in a public park, but hey, it's Woodstock, they're used to it
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Hi everyone, i'm finally back after taking some off. I have so many new pictures to share with you as i will try to update as often as i can. Keep looking for me. Hope you like these for now.
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We had a great road trip last fall that included sex on the balcony, pics on the balcony, many great sessions in bed, and lots of happy endings : )
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Might seem a shame to put redheads in black'n'white, but with a little help from good/great e-friend Hutch, this is what we came up with.
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hi all guess you know me already so i don't have anything to say this time:) hope you enjoy these pics and i love to read the comments on the BB xxx thanx
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Qualche settimana fa, aspettando un amico Monica si e annoiata ed allora... Some weeks ago waiting a friend Monica become bored and...
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its very sad when a women dont beleive your honest opinion. so help me to convince her with your comments and perhaps there will be more to follow
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Stella loved your comments for her first 2 contris....she got so turned on! Here is part 3 for you to enjoy...keep the comments and votes coming and part 4 is already in the pipeline.