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My wife rather enjoyed seeing the first set online and thought she should probably share some more to prove she's not shy...
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Hope these fit in with your finger games contest. Nothing is finer than watching Bayougal playing. Hope you enjoy and we love reading your comments.
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I shot these pics of Lilian on campus. We were trying to make them artistic but I will let you be the judge of whether we accomplished this or not! If you like them check out the site.
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Great responses folks. I wish they had a better way to respond to messages. As long as we have red freaks out there, she's willing to post.
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for his pleasure First time contrib. we need lots of practice. We don't have the final result but that may be coming. Thanks Rc and Mr.Sexxy
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This is my wife Marlene! She gets really excited knowing that she's going to be seen by the most amazing comunity in the entire web!
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This set starts Saturday morning of the "BIG" night. Lot's of people getting painted or getting liquored up so they can. The "butteryfly lady" is my wife "Deckhand".
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Thank you so much for all your comments, we love to read them and enjoy your ideas and thoughts. Feel free to leave email address so we can thank you directly.
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Its me again showing my ass for all of you. This time I show you my bunny too (at previous contri I sent 2 pics of my ass but it seems to hard to post at privateshoots section).
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naked grandmother beachHello to all ~ Here's another set of photo's after a long hard day @ work ~ Working in the legal field can be so stressful, but so REWARDING ~
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I am 22. A few years back I realized that I love to be naked in front of a camera. If you like the pictures, please comment and I'll post more.
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I have waked up before she and I have done of the photos while she slept! Francesca is really beautiful! What do you think? BYE