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Hello to all and thanks for the comments. This is a first series of photo, in order to feel a po' that effect makes. If you want you can also write to us in private to our mail
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We hope that everyone will like the photo's. If there is any females or couples who would like to exhange photo's or videos, feel free to email us.
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Petra After Solarium - Here some pics my boyfriend took after I had a sunbath in the solarium. ALL THE BEST WISHES FOR THE NEW YEAR 2006, YOURS PETRA
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I visit the Venus 2000 - international erotic fair in Berlin and take some shots. I will send more pictures soon. Hope You will enjoy it!
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My new photos in the woods. We were at a picnic and my husband offered to take some pictures. It was hot and I was a little refreshed with cold water. My nipples were delighted Mmmmmmmmmmm...
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I love summer. I love when the sun draws pearls on your skin and your smell gives your scream ti the ones that are able to hear. I like sexy dresses and playing with men's desire... Mala
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For those who post their mail adresses and want to keep in contact with me, please visit RC BB LiveCam Chat and BB. You can see me there in threads and in the chatroom. I also post pictures over there.
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I have wanted to post for a long time, but never really got it done. bacause of job I do not want to show my face, hope you understand