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I hope you enjoy this pictures,I would like your coments, some are before we got married and some after, which do you think....
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They deleted her first posting - I guess because you could see between her big pussy lips....Let her know what you think....and what you think she could take....
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More hot photos from the site I devoted to my lovely Krista, sexy babe with stunning hot body. See her masturbating with vibrator in hot tub!
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I thought it would be fun to see what reaction this generates. My boyfriend doesnt know these pics are here. I might surprise him and show him if the comments are good enough.
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My new outfit. My husband loves my tiny ass. And I love my husband in my ass... Lol. Good comments and we will post a anal clip.
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Love all the sites! Wanted to contribute one time! Let me know what you all think. She likes hearing from guys, of course, and woman.
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On a recent cruise we stopped at Jamaica. I climbed the Dunn River Falls. My wife stayed at the strand. It is a difficult climb in fast flowing water but the sights below made it a dream!
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Sunday morning, parking building near a very public government building, right in front of a landmark (boardwalk) highly touristic spot.
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Seattle at its best. Post naked bike ride folks hanging out in Gasworks Park. Lots of body paint. Not for everyone, but my wife and I enjoyed it. She even took most of the picts!
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We love shooting avi. Originals are in full HD, filmed with Canon-L lenses. We would love to trade videos with couples who are like-minded and have HD videos.
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Just a nice drink on a warm day in our local bar......plenty of people about behind as well as on the pavement below us in front!!
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Jenny With The Blues - Well wrapped in blues anyhow. What a great weekend did a little cleaning in the yard and the rest was play. Enjoy. Thanks for all the GREAT comments.