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On a holiday trip we came across a - more or less - lonesome street in the mountains. Bri was keen on doing a spontaneous strip on the road!
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Well she got hott and horny. She asked me to take her to a swingers club in Toronto. So here are some photos taken from Oasia Aqua Lounge and M4.
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I was bored and thought I'd take some shots of me in my new, pink "playtime panties." They eventually ended up on the floor and my boots came on. Then, I finished in my favourite red set.
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My wife likes to dreesup to look sexy. She loves PVC and boots. This is our first contibution and would like to know what you think about it.
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Here are some pics of my very sexy wife. She would kill me if she knew, but I find it very exciting to know that guys get turned on looking at her. If the response is good I will send more. D
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wir sind anne und bernd aus n-deutschland. wir lieben es uns zu zeigen, und, noch besser, wenn uns geile personen (frau oder mann) zusehen.
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nudism park public Some more of what I saw at Fantasy Fest 2011,I took pictures of young and old, pretty and not so pretty. I'm just up-loading in order.
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Ok, as I promised snow pics. It was fun but also very quick. My nips are always hard but becuase I had to get the nips with a little snow on them I think I lost feeling in them for awhile.
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nudism park publicSee playful sweet Julia having fun with vibrator poked in her tight pussy. Really she wouldn't do it there by herself (maybe) but I asked her and she posed for my can with pleasure :)
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Went out scouting for a different location to take some pictures. Ran across this old dockhouse that was run down. Thought I could make a couple interesting shots with it.
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hello some photos of my girlfriend before sleeping,in the south of france,for a first contribution,what do you think of it?exciting not?
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My very shy wife. After some nagging she finally agreed to pose for theese pictures. But she is far from shy in bed. She just loves to get her ass spanked really hard.