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She agreed to a second set. She was very happy with all of the kind and sexy comments. keep 'em comming and maybe she'll agree to more posts.
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Girlfriend lost bet. Had to pose in public, so we found a small housing developement being built. Thought we were alone, but a few contractors we found work on the weekends.
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thanks for the nice comments on my previous post...as it was my first one I went a little tame...so for those of you who critiqued my lack of "skin" thank you for the comments and here you go.
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Hey guys! Just wanted to share some of my fav pics. This is all new to me so be gentle with me. :) If I get some good responses I will work on some more pics. Enjoy!
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I love to put this pen into my cock, it makes me cum every time. i also like spooning up my cum while its still hot to eat. love to trade too. leave me a message.
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This is a continuation of Kay on her cruise in the Carribean. When the boat is docked it is great to enjoy the beautiful beaches
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Waiting For A Friend - We were waiting for a friend to come over the other night and decided to play around a little first. This is a first time contri. But we have many more and more to cum!
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Hi all. Thought you guys might appreciate the different angles of these pictures of me being Naughty. Thanks for the comments. xxx Naughty Girl
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Hi Just some shot of me in my red outfit. I like to put this on when I go out to the bars. I Forgot my short skirt thou. Do you think any will notice?? Dutches
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I got a new little nightie and wanted to show it off for you guys :) When we where done I noticed bulge in Todd’s pants so like any good girl I had to take care of him. Ann
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ps in Spagna sono liberi..noi Italiani quando lo saremo? ps2 prima di criticare leggete il testo non solo le foto....to all silicon fans..please before criticizing read the text not only the photos.