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I love being naked in Nature. Me and my bf went to a beautiful place and took some pictures with my high heels and my bodysuit. Please enjoy.
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I have to imagine everyone has had the fantasy of cavorting with two amazing women on a secluded playa. We took these pics that at least suggest the fantasy... but leave a bit to the imagination :-)
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These few pictures were taken two summers ago at a friends house. We didn't really have a place to post them until RedClouds.
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please add to my first contri if you can... ps..if you dont like looking at males...what are you doing leaving a comment here???
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Here are a few more pics in short tops for the contest! Please be sure to vote for us, it would be really nice to win a contest around here!! :-)
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My beautiful wife loves the VW page, so we decided to take some pics for you all. She's a real hot brazilian girl... Hope you all love it!!
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Sure wish it would warm up so we could take some more outside. Here are some from last fall. Always like trading pics with others. Leave email if interested in trading pics.
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Knowing she was being watched was really turning her on. Oh, oh! Might be recognized. Time for the dark glasses... gotta have that "VW" look.
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naturist men beachHope these make the male side I don't need a bunch of guys that don't want to see this to freek. But there girlfriends or wifes will hopefully like them.
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naturist men beachHi folks from New Zealand, I thought Id go see the Te Apiti windfarm in the Manawatu, and find out if wind could do more than ruin your hair
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Please titled this Las Vegas and my girl....She rocked my world and I didn't want to leave! She was so horny I thought she would never stop!
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Horny Girl In The Pub Just some girl we met in the Pub. Saw the camera a was persuaded to get them. Great, huh. Shame we couldnot get to take more off. Enjoy.