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Flor De Argentina - Algunas fotos de Flor en un lago de C?rdoba. Escriban a si quieren intercambiar fotos. Espero que les guste.
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Summer 06 Ii - The awesome summer of 06 continues.Those of you in or near Western NY who would like to meeet should drop us a line (with a pic) at
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We had fun taking these pics on our holiday! Water went everywhere as Lyn showered without the curtains drawn so i could get good shots! I nearly fell over once or twice getting in posision!
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If you also think that Peaches is sexy, please vote and leave your positive comments. If you disagree, move on as there are plenty of other contributions that may suit your taste.
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I'm getting wet in the shower...thinking about you washing my...I want to hear from you, it turns me on...Whoops, did I just drop the soap... London
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Greek Naturist Wife - This was our first time as being nudist.Wife was so much enjoying shows off for me.This is only one small part of all pics>If you like them soon there will be more.
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These should be the final shots from our fun at the hotel room...well, from this memory card anyway! Hee hee...but hey, hopefully they are fun to look at!
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Hi again - i just love the outdoors and most of my pictures are done outside - i'm in the woods this time in my tight little dress and boots - hope you enjoy the scenery!
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My wife is not happy with her body. I think she has a great body!! what do you think?? Please react so she will see i'm wright!
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naturist sex outdoorsSome more pics of my wife. She was very shy about sharing (which is why she looks so distracted in many of the pics) but the positive feedback has been awesome!
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On a Hot Saturday in July I told my hubby to get naked and come in the pool. I took these shots as he granted my request. *wink*
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Raichelle loved all the comments from the last couple series, she couldn't wait to send some more in. Here's the second part of 2 from before she went out to a club.