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This is part of a shoot I did with my friend, Bunny, for a Christmas pinup segment that never got posted. It just hung around in my hard drive until now. Enjoy it, there are more to come!
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*Sk *Gg Kim & Kaleen At The Plage - Kim & Kaleen stop at a seclude strand for the first time this summer. As you can see both needs some sun
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This is the backyard to the home I stay in with a few other girls here in the USA. Thank you all for making me feel so beautiful with your comments!
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Just a few to fill many requests to see my nipples up close with the nipple rings on..Enjoy.I am now making a avi of myself and someday will post.
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Naughty Fun At The Park A night alone in the park with my husband. We decided to get naughty and brought out the camera so that others can see our night of naughty fun.
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public beach sex Raichelle loved all the comments from the last couple series, she couldn't wait to send some more in. Here's the second part of 2 from before she went out to a club.
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Really hot weather in Belgium for the season, so I can go in my garden dressed like I love. Merci pour vos commentaires, c'est tres chaud et tres encourageant, continuez de voter
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Even though my WW bikinis are see through, some of you agree with hubby that wet T's are erotic. I guess because the T-Shirts are not supposed to look like this.
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Thanks for all the nice comments on my Free Style post last month. I hope you like my new bra & panties set. Stay warm! Kisses, Yvonne...
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public strand sexI got a new spandex racing outfit and just had to show it off for you. you will have to let me know what you think and if you would like to see more :)
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convinced my new wife to take her first naughty pictures......she got really aroused hopefully more to come. if you vote for her she'll gain more confidence to reveal more of herself.
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public sand sexHi, a few weeks ago I got very hot in the evening, all that dancing and being next to some really fit guys. I just had to cool down a little!