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Harley is celebrating it's 100th anniversary all this week in Milwaukee Wi. There are partys all over town. I'm sure once things loosen up we will get some titty pics.
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I thought it would be fun to take some pictures in my hotel window. I was in a the window for several shots, but, a lot of them didn't come out well. I had fun and will do it again soon!!
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These are photos of a friend of mine who wanted some promotional photos taken as a favor. She's a stripper (if you couldn't guess)....
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More from Talladega. This is part 1 of this lady, she had a hot daughter and she was trying to get her daughter to flash. We had no luck getting the daughter to flash, and Mom failed us.
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Thank you for all the positive feedback from my previous posts. Testy Festy is great time. Good bands and plenty of booze. Lots of women, big and small, young and old.
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Took some pics of me showing off to the neighbors...couldn't think of a better place to post them than here at Voyeurweb. Enjoy!
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This is my sexy wife Sally, first time on VW, We would love to hear from sexy girls who are interested in exchanging photos with us. enjoy the pics xxxxxxxxxx
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we went out for a drink and H told me what she had on, and what she wanted to do, so we went to a carpark we use for some fun with the guys there.
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Hallo to everyone here I present my wife's ass for second time.Thoughts that inspire you are welcome.Paidia ton ellinon i kolara tis gynaikas mou stin diathesi sas gia sxolia....
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public naked naturist picturesI've been searching for cool places to take pics and this is one that i found. This time thought we would add a little oil to shine things up. It was a lot of fun as usual. I hope you enjoy.
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My lovely fuck buddy and her amazing ass that i luv to fuck... She likes to give some shots to me whenever she is in the mood...her ass is built to cuk all day..what do you think?
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A sincere thank you to all for your support, for your votes and for your very warm feedbacks! You all were so sweet with your comments! I love all of you!!!