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Hi This is PB as do most Ladies she doesn't feel that she has a sexy enough body to post here, maybe with your comments she will change her mind?
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If she knew I sent these in I'd be 'dead man packing'. These are a few variuos shots; if we get a good response we'll show more. First Timer - be nice.
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My mom would kill me if she see these pictures. I think she'll be shocked to see me on a motorcycle naked. Oh well... I am at least having fun. :))
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Here some new pictures of my sexy swedish wife, I took these pictures one night when she was shows off and showing off for me after some drinks... Hope you like them just as much as I do!
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Been a redclouds member for awhile and thought I would have a bit of fun myself. would love to hear from the ladies and feel free to leave an email : ) "
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Also promised the couple that watched the whole scene from their car ( we had no idea!) that we would put it on here! Thanks for the drinks!!
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real pictures of hot milfs at the beach One Nights Surprise - One night she surprised me. She was waiting for me with this nightie and it was a pleasent way to an a messy business day.
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real pictures of hot milfs at the beach Say what you want about Joy's friends, but STOP putting down my couch. It is only one year old and makes into a bed. I love this couch. So leave the couch out of this.
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real pictures of hot milfs at the beachThe outdoor pictures were taken last summer at a local riverside. The other in a cottage on our holyday to spain. If I get some nice comments, I'll let you see more next time.
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Various picts. of TAPOUT GIRL. Thanx for all the great comments on the last contri. She loves taking pictures, so please keep the comments cumming. Does anyone have any special requests?
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My husband agreed to let me send these in. I think I am very lucky but he doesn't think so. Please let us know what you think of him.
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This is my lovely wife showing of "her talents" and underwear. She gets excited at the thought of guys and gals all over the world looking at her body !!!!! Enjoy.....