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Not going to apologise for the non-nudes in 1st post. Please appreciate that my misses is shy and reserved. She doesn't see her beauty but with nice and patient comments, she may come to realise.
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more of this weeks session with my black fuck buddy. hubby watched and took pics and had to step in when my boyfriend came too soon !
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These pictures were taken at our house. It was built in the 20's and made out of rock. Lisa loves this place. It is simple but so are we.
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This is me trying to get the lighting right as well as everything else. Wasn't going to show them, but when Kate asked for help how could I resist. Just be kind, remember they are the out-takes. hehe.
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rus girl nudist photo After he took a few of me, my man got involved. We had soooo much sex this trip. It was a great time, fun, partying with new friends, and some private shots, like these . . . lisa.
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Recently, i was asked for a picture of my cock. I started taking pics and realized I want a good pic (I am very proud of my phallus).
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Sexy Suz Sucking And Fucking- Part 3 Sexy Suz is back with a vengence. This is Part 3 and the FINAL contri of this three part series "I hope you enjoy and I love to read your comments!" -Sexy Suz
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Hi all! Check out my pics from last vacations. It is part 1. Part 2 and 3 will come in Redclouds. Thanks for your voting! See you soon!
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I love letting it Alllllllllllllllll Hang out, and I know some of you like BBW, I'm your girl. And I know the majority like skinny, brunette, perky, girl, and I'm not for you. so go some place else....
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Hi VW its been a while since my last photos. Decided to play co-driver I had a great time doing these. I hope you enjoy these.
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rus girl naturist photoHi Peepers, Here are some brand new photos hubby took. Let me know if you like older women (I'm 50+). We enjoy hearing from hot older guys, especially from the Midwest. xxx
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24 Yo Xwife - A few pictures of my "Stripper" x-wife she would say exotic dancing but we know better, enjoy from central Oregon.