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Hope these pictures are ok. If the comments are good I will try to send more (as long as the wife doesn't find out) Maybe if the comments are ok I'll have the balls to tell her.
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we have been members for awhile and we decides to do our part. fun one day while the kids were gone. don't be rude. sorry about the blurred face and tattoos. love to read your comments.
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We hope these are liked better,and recieve a higher rating ,reguardless we both want to thank everyone for the positive comments ,they were very flattering and turned her on very much
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hi guys. well who will be next? we meet this great guy from redclouds and would like to meet another. i live in western Canada. lets here some good comments for more pics. i am 40 and looking for fun
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My wife (Marilyn)had a little fun in Cuba recently and thought she might like to share. These pictures were taken at our resort. Hope you enjoy, this is a first for her.
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She agreed to a second set. She was very happy with all of the kind and sexy comments. keep 'em comming and maybe she'll agree to more posts.
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For those of you thinking that playa pics are boring, I hope this contri will make you think twice. Last summer catch, lovely breasts and amazing cameltoe I have the privilege to share with you.
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Well these two shots are of me and my girlfriend. We watched out the window and saw my boyfriend leave and decided to mess around but we got caught! we hope you like these. Thanks,
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we hope you like these pics.....if you want more write her.... She needs good comments and (if you like...) votes.....and next time face and the rest...of course!!!...kisses....baci ciao
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Here are some pics of my wife during the major snow storm we had in buffalo last year Xmas-Eve Those pics were just the beginning of the 7 feet of snow.
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In college I used to mark the tops of climbs with a naked salute to the scenery. 24 years later, I thought I'd resurrect the salute :^)
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These were taken in last summer. In that day, on the playa, we saw another couple near to us masturbating each other and my wife spread her bikini to they.