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Here are some more assorted pictures of my wife. She was very surprised by all the nice comments and decided to let me post some more. She never thought she was anything special but I do.
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Post afternoon fun!!! :-) hope you enjoy as much as I do.. Thanks for all the wonderful compliments and pic shares xoxoxo [email protected]
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Well, Sonia retorned...She?s horny...your comments. The history, no history, she no need any history. She need your hot comments. Sonia is so shy...!
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Here are some pics of my sexy wife 31 yrs. Young, With a little time, and maybe good comments I'm sure she will do Red Clouds with some nice close ups. Thanks.Great Site!!!!
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Hi guys!! Been awhile since I posted here. I wanted to share some pictures I have taken lately. I really hope you enjoy them. Love, Britney
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More pics of my shy wife who has had her ego boosted no end with the nice comments she has already received despite her age as she keeps saying.
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Here are a few more shots from our latest vacation(and adventure). If the bulges on the playa were any indication, you should enjoy.
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russian nudist pictures I got a new camera and thought I would test it out on my girlfried. Sorry about covering the face. Maybe with some good comments I can get her to change her mind.
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WOW Whats with those who just want to see naked legs apart from the onset do you have no imagination? your probably lonely W.....ers arnt you!!
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This is my pretty russian wife expose in our bedroom, revealing her 36 years old body to the world. Would like to hear comments from anyone who has something to say....especially from europe
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After the success of the previous post dedicated to the boobs ... here's the second ... bigger and bigger, no fashion no glitter no silicone JUST BOOBS!
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Here is the rest of the night Taz came home drunk after a night out with the girls. My frineds and I were playing poker and my buddie helped me put her to bed.