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LLW's 1st ever attempt at a NIP..sorry for the quality of the pics..but that's the way they turned out,we'll do better next time,if the camera man stops trembling :(
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Hello, we like to wish all of you a verry good 2005. This pics from marj are taken about 20 yers ago, only one of them is recent. Do you like them?? Tell us. Bey for now,
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Just a couple of real amateurs contributing. A few of my mother of 2 wife showing off some panties from her collection and her titties.
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We got a little excited sitting out by the pool and had to take some pics. Getting naked outside is the best! The fact that this was a public pool just added to the excitement.
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*XS For the explict sexy rear contest. Since she is my wife I may be biased, but I think her ass is pretty sexy, but let the fans decide...If you agree please vote! votes inspire her....LoL
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The second part of my beautiful Dani and her role play during our visit to Amsterdam. Love to hear comments encouraging her to do both EIP and RC. Part 2.
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Sometimes a walk on the playa with a good camera becomes a VW contri. Hope you like these two ladies as much as I did when shooting. Thanks voyeurwebbers for your time.
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Some of you might recognize Li'l emily in one of the shots. Yes, after sightseeing, we got together for some pictures. They should be in Private Shots pretty soon.
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My GF and I came across this site recently and wanted to submit some of our sexy photos to see what you all think. We'll be glad to read all your comments and also glad to have your vote :) Thanks
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Kate, great site. The dawgs barking tonite! This is my wife and she has a killer ass! Enjoy, good comments will get more....
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russian naturist teensThanks for your comments on my previous posts, sorry if you didnt get it ! Hope you all enjoy these pictures and leave me a comment, I love to read your horny messages.
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Cock on the snow. In montagna c'e' la neve....ed e' molto piu' eccitante fare qualche foto. Grazie a tutti per i commenti.....continuate!