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Just my young wife in her new outfit. She doesn't always think she is sexy. What do you think? Good comments may lead to more posts.
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Fall - Part 2 - Hello my dear all! This is part 2 and last from Fall series. Also you can watch my first mp4 inside my website! Enjoy all! kisses Bella
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Hey Guys, Thought I would show you some High Heel Hiking! I love to hike especially NAKED!! I hope that you will enjoy these photos! Please let me here your postive feedback!!!
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OK...so we finally decided to send some pics in...no face this time around, but good comments may bring more fun....hehehe.....enjoy!?!?!
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sand and sex on beach Hi Guys Here is the boobs contri. We hope you like them? We actually made a 12 second vid of me shooting over her boobs. Pity cant show it here. Please leave comments we luv them. Thanks
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sand and sex on beach On a lazy day when there is nothing to do, pulling out one of my husbands dress shirts and wearing them when he is not around makes me feel sexy.
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sand and sex on beachI reconfigured mp4 got the sound to work. We are amatures I know the movie is too close, lighting is bad, it's not perfect. we enjoyed making it having a good time. hope you enjoy.
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Part 3 - Pictures of Janet over 26 years - from 1980 to 2006. Some were taken from videos and are not as clear as the ones taken from photographs. Enjoy!
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Met my girlfriend online, we been together for a while, she likes attention from lots of men, please let her know what you wanna do to her
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Man am I lucky to get this whenever SHE wants it! KP's lovin me. Also.....a message to Bruce and Val: Me and KP love Val's tits!! Beautiful! Want to play???