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Hope these get to you okay. Apologies for the problem last time. :) Compressed the file. Thank you for your help with how to send them. Always,
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Sandy Chic In The Bed - Sandy Chic Dans Le Lit - In the afternoon, in the bed for and with my boy friend. Dans l'apr?s-midi, dans le lit pour et avec mon ami
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Hi ya! Thank you for your great comments, mails and pics for my last submission. So I thought you`d like to see some new ones? Let me know if you like them too. Hugs from germany
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God bless the digital camera for my wife's body was made for it, don't you think? Hey, can you guess her favorite position?
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Rob saw how good I was at dancing and suggested some naked gymnastics could be fun - in fact I loved it. I loved the poses and I hope you find them very erotic. It really turned me on.
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There was no category for friends with benefits. Sarah enjoys getting funky and having her erotic and alternative pics displayed. This is one of her more flexible but enjoyable moves.
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sex beach milfs My Ex"S From Texas - Gotta love the ex's from Texas. They can really put out. My ex came over to visit the kids, Yeah right.... What doy ou think we did.
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Smidge Spreads - Smidge is still keeping very busy with hot sweetness. Her and some of her budies got together and decided it needed shaved---what do you think??
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This is my girlfriend Amy - she is very nasty and she likes girls. She also likes thinking about having other men (while I watch). We would love to hear comments. Please do not post my e-mail.
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We had a great time playing with a friend. I had a lot of requests to see some photos of me being done HARD! ...so here you go. Enjoy.