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How about some multi-tasking over the weekend, said The Beekeeper. Some gardening, Lady Bee's first outdoor shots and throw in some high heels for fun. How could I refuse?!?
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Awhile back Pirate and I found a junkyard we loved. We took a few sets in B&W. Here is one of them. They are a bit artsy fartsy... hope you like them.
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Please only kind comments, a good response will result in the rest of the set which is Red Clouds material. Sorry for the blur but we have public jobs.
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She is over 40 and mother of 3. First 2 pics wearing swimming suit. Other 2 pics just out of the shower. Perimeno kala logia apo elinides & elines. Filakia.
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...we have a BUNCH of stuff planned for everyone. NIP's, girl/girl stuff...anal...possibly DP...although we'll need another camera man for that...hehe.
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This just goes to show you how far a little boredom, love and a camera will take you! Really cute, eh? And she turned 18 last month! Yeah, baby!!!
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we were out bike riding and decided to stop at the park to take some pics.we than went home so i could get some good ass fucking.enjoy i sure did.
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4 hour drive home, she looked over to see me taking care of a little business.. she decided to lend a hand and much more.. ended up stopping at a little rest area to finish the job...
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Spent a few days on the playa on Ko Phi Phi in Thailand. Was lucky enough to spot a few ladies sunbathing topless, but it was a but tricky not getting spotted taking the photos.
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We will send you some nice picture, from the summer whith the bridge in sweden, between malmo and copenhagen,and this is the first one. hope you like this picture.
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Hi I'm Penny from the UK. These pics of me were taken in an apartment when I was wandering around in just my g-string, pink mesh-top and suede boots. Hope you like blondes! xx
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Biker Babes 2 Kate I have sent biker photos to you last week I have entered the same number I hope this is right Let me know