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Various Ranger - Found a few from last year I had a good one or two but they are lost somewhere in my computer oh well one day I'll fine them.
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Here's my single VWeb set of Eva's shower scene. I originally shot this set with explicit close-ups; the three part series is up on Redclouds right now but I haven't forgotten the VW masses!
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When going for a walk along the plage I took a break near this intersting woman. I know that many guys would hate to have sex with her. I would love it.
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Butt Plug This was a hot summer night in Vegas in a shitty hotel. Now that I realize... I always get fucked in the ass in Vegas ;-) ... why would that be?
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Summer's over. That sucks...but what DOESN'T suck is that now we can coop up like a couple of hermits and take pictures all night!