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My husband showed me your comments about a post he has made of me some months ago.You made me blush. I was encouraged to post again.Sorry about my veiled face.If you like me, I will post again.
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Thanks a million to everyone who left the sweet comments for me!!! It means a lot, otherwise I would not be back. These are some pictures of me while I was feeling sexy this week - enjoy! Truly, SA
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Here is Donna, living large in Cozumel on the sand and after the photo shoot. Mother of three and a lovely lady. Not bad for a 40 year old huh?
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This is part #2 of the night I wanted to tease my boyfriend with my little black dress he bought me. Please let me know what you think about my dress.
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These are more photos I took out the other day. These are at the restaurant and at the shopping mall around town. Leave an email address and you'll get a message back from me.
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Avixenna On The Strand - Hi, I couldn't wait to get back outdoors. It seems a plage session is also a must for VW, so here it is. Too easy, just a jump and I'm there, any day, any time. Mmmmmm Avi
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Our second visit to our local naked sand. Great fun and we took lots of pictures. Tell her what you think and don't forget to vote. More to come .....
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sophie dee beach boat and big boobs pic set Hello. Excuse my English. This is Gisele and it's our second contribution. Appreciate this ass... Then we will order more photos and who knows of another women...
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sophie dee plage boat and big boobs pic setKatie Kleavage - Secretary - Hi guys. Had to take a break from all these midterms and relax a bit. Thank you for all your kind comments. Keep 'em cuming ;)
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Hi Been a long time sinceI submitted, loved all the feed back last time love flashes for everyone out there. love will send lots more
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I had such nice complements on my first that I decided to do a second. There were a lot of comments wanting the next pics. So I choose some from the past. Hope you enjoy! Dasha
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i love this machine! it makes me feel like i'm tied up and about to be fucked in the ass. it makes me feel as if i were someone's personal sex slave! that is such a turn on.