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This was the first time my wife has ever let me take pictures of her like this. It was a blast and we both loved doing it. Give some good comments and I'm sure we can do some more.
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Different women at the Little Sturgis Bike Rally at Sturgis, Ky. Most of these were taken by my rider and were picture for picture exchange. No vote needed, just enjoy. Don't show email.
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It's an early spring in Northern Minnesota. Cindy and I wasted no time getting out and taking some fun pics. Looking forward to summer and allot less clothing.
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here is an old girlfriend of mine. she did not want to do these but she did say if the voting is good she will do more. so help me out guys and gals i can get some real nasty shots of this one.
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ukrainian nude beach neptune festival photo dropped my camera and I think I messed up my flash. we were on a bike run, and it went down...thought I would post a few from the past for good times...
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Your wondering what BBB stands for? Bathroom, bedroom and barn. These are various of Sally mostly in the barn one night when she was feeling frisky. Hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed taking them.
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Hello from Hot Chick Gena! I miss you Oodles! I wish you could read my mind as I dream about you, my dearest, sweetest friends. Enjoy my lovely body. Like my hairy Beaver?!
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ukrainian nude beach neptune festival photo Hi again... These pics were taken one lazy Saturday afternoon with nothing to do... So I asked Mr.C if he wanted to grab the camera for a little playtime... Enjoy the pics.... SweetClitty
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Here are more pictures from our drive out in the cold (20 degrees) Good comments get more pictures. Also look out for our other series titled Trip to Florida. PDNPOEM
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Hair Clip On Tittie I'm guessing these hurt, or feel good, or both. Any girls out there that can give some insight into this?? Tiny little Tigress thinks she needs to give it another try....
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She wanted to know what people thought of her. If good comments she will probly post again. Let her know what you know what you think.
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So he talks to the bouncer, who gives us permission to use the back room. And here is the result - some great whack-off material for you all to "use"!