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When there is nothing fun to do, we take photos. As we are kind couple, we would like to share some pics with all VW gang. More to come.
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well, we have part 1 in the VW section. since we do not have a RC membership, you will have to leave a comment there is you want to contact us. it's under naughty witch
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You've had a long hard day at work, so what if I helped you relax with an amazing blowjob? But I won't let you cum right away, I'm going to keep you on the edge until you explode all over my face ;)
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Thanks so much for all the sweet comments on my last set of pics. Here are some more pics as promised and requested. I hope you enjoy! ;-)
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Thanks to everyone for their awesome comments! And, to the people that feel the need to pick apart tiny little things, we have one question.
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videos beach toilet peeing Ya know, they look even better when their attitude is right. Fun and happy! So here's some fun we had getting ready for the big day.
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We took advantage of a sunny day in March and headed to Oval strand. Even though the sun was warm the lake wind was frigid. To say the least the weather wasnot as accommodating as Hedo.
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Nervous Girl... - I was a little nervous about doing this but, I figured what the heck. They are scanned pics, so the quality isn't real good. Hope you like them... Lemme know!
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last week i've found an old barn. as is thought, it would be a nice location for shooting some nice photos, i asked the farmer for permission, took my girlfriend with me and began to undress me :).
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...once upon a time there was a girl who was a very BAD girl... now U can see this bad, maroon girl,... and this is the whole story :P
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My hubby and I took the night off and went to our plage apartament in a city close to Sao Paulo (Santos). We took a lot of photos and fucked a lot...
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My wife Baby Doll makes eating at home so exciting that we never want to dine out! She is fantastic and her nipples are the very best!!