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Hi gang, Thanks for all the great comments.These were taken while waiting for the Americas Cup to commence.Hot day hot woman look what happened...
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22yo girlfriend...took me like 2 years to convince her to take em..would kill me if she knew i posted...love comments, tell me what u think...shes has a great ass n legs
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Compliments of the day to you! I'm Helen and I've got some more pictures for you... WARNING: I do have lots of tattoos so if that bothers you then you'll want to look at someone else!
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hello! it's mine first time posting- hubby happened to pick up his phone while we were having fun- sorry about the camera work, but we're just learning...be kind and i'll have him film some more!!!
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videos nudist beach groups fuckfest I did this set while some lady friends watched on webcam... That was the first time I tried that and it was stimulating for all of us! ;-)
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We went over to Seven's house and took pictures of her in her very own room. In this set she's getting naked on her bed, and showing off her lovely ass.
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2nd Honeymoon - 1 Of 4 A swanky hotel and a horny wife away from the kids. Add the camera and we have a perfect situation for a Red Clouds moment.
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videos nudist beach groups fuckfest Fun Loving Wife Returns Hi gang been a while, here is our latest set. love to hear what you think, please let us know. hope you enjoy
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This summer in Spain has been very hot, and my cock's precum cries tears of love... Thanks for the comments and e-mails. Bravo! Saludos from Alicante!
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Took these pictures a couple months ago, took a while before I decided to post. Let me know what you think and what you want to see ladies, I also have a wife, maybe we can share
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For now, here are some of my favorite full-face shots. How would you like to squeeze off a big one while gazing down into those verdant eyes? In fact, a few of you have! (Stop touching yourselves!)
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Haley surprised me with this little outfit. It was such a turn on, I thought I'd share it with you. Let her know if you like it too.