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No story, but I do ask that if you are not interested that you keep your nasty opinions to yourself. We are not all 7" or bigger.For those of you who have a kind word, thankyou and keep on sexing it up.
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It was a late night and I was feeling alittle bored so I decided to invite this 4'11" brunette over for some fun. Well the night got interesting and I decided she was worthy of your viewing... soo enjoy
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Went out on the town and took advntage of the warm weather. You can see cars moving around in the gas station shots. The other pics were taken in the bar area of town.
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Came Back from a Flight, decided to take a couple pictures before we drove away... there was a soccer game going on at the Local park.
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whole nude family Naked Eve - Hello, I am, 29 and one BI-girl there are approx. 350 randy photos of me. I am looking for girls to picture exchanges !!! randy greetings Eve
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I was out one night and Kel was a bit toey. So she took these to encourage me to come home soon. A nice avi to go with it too.
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whole nude family To: MP-don't work too hard!, To: EH-so glad you are feeling better! To NightWolf - You have the Spirit within You - Ride like the Wind for me!
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whole nude family We both work professional careers so, no faces. Future submissions depend on comments and such, weird her out and she won't be coming back again.
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It seems that the sound got messed up and disappeared for several minutes on my other clip clip... Here is another clip for those who wanted to hear me. Hope that you enjoy. :)
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If yes, we will share them afterwards, if NO...then we will just have a lot of hot fun again and share the story at the BB with you.....
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The once prude got horny when she got to her mid 30's. She let me take and post photos and took on a young, well hung co-worker along with me.
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Mon nom est Nadine L. Mon Maitre exige que je m'exhibe sur le web. J'ai donc choisi ce site superbe. Ces quelques photos pour le plaisir des voyeurs. Avec soumission. Nadine