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WARNING!!! TATTOO ALERT! That's right, I have loads of tats so if that upsets you then save yerself some greif and DON"T LOOK!
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Hey Voyeur pals. Love sharing with you and having fun doing so. Here the another taste of peaches in a thong. Enjoy!! I love pearls hope you do too.
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I got these new panties when I was on vacation. I thought the late afternoon sunshine would play great on my skin. My man sure like it, hope you do too....
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Angels Day On The Water - I'm having a very busy summer but somehow I always find a way to get naked!!! These are some pics from my day out on the boat that I thought you'd enjoy...
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I was good friends with this lovely thing during the time of her pregnancy and she didn't have a man in her life. I guess you could say I was there for her in a time of need.
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She has the most beautiful nips I've never seen, you'll see!!! The first contri is about her pregancy. Look and apreciate
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So the name of the Anal Jewelry is the Pharaoh's Eye. One thing...Guys be careful when doing DP. The pointed end can painful, or pleasurable, depending on your fetish.
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wild hot beach party Here's a set of photos that my dear hubby took... he liked the way my boobs were bursting out of my shirt and well...one thing led to another!
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These are assorted pictures from shopping trips that we have gone on. This is my first contribution so please be kind. I will post more with positive feedback.
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Hey everybody. During a short sejour in my office, Kari show me how she fits in the wonderful blue ...and after we follow in the hotel...It was a niiiiceee day... Enjoy this first part.
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wild hot strand partyThis is my second post of my autoself pleasure for you, write me your commentaries with your correct email for send my present to you, kisses The Queen.
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Catacombs are an underground cimetery, at 15 meters under Paris, it is a big maze. On these pics, tourists are just near the next corner ....