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I publish many of my pics on the internet. Now I would love to show of and receice horny, wet mails. I am german and 38 years old.
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Greetings to all! Thank all for good words. Photos are made in Spain on a natur-resort Costa-Natura. Estepona. A good place. All is recommended to visit.
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Just a little assortment of various lingerie. When time and jobs permit, the frontal shots will come. One never knows who comes to this great place! Thanks for your comments. Sherri (and Justin.)
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We don't see many plus 60 year old women posting so not sure there is interest out there yet for us to share Marilyn... Your thoughts?
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Almost 62 but I think my hotwife is still sexy...Do you agree or not? We enjoy meeting and trading with couples or men...in particular our age. Should we still post more?
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Picked this up the other day and while taking pictures, thought of sending some of the tame ones in. If your interested in exchanging photo's, please leave a comment.
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Met up with a good friend of mine for a few days of fun and pleasure, and these are some of the photo results! Positive comments always welcomed, from ladies especially.
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This is my sexy wife.i love to show her off and as you can see she loves to be showed off and hard to believe but this is the mother of four.
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I know faceless postings get slammed but all my gals have jobs, some very good and very public jobs. I always promised I wouldn't do anything bad with the pics they let me take of them.
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This is C M many years ago when she was 21. Over the years I've lost touch with her and don't even know where she is. But found these in my archives and decided to share her with you.
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young girl nudistsCaught On Kitchen - After intensive works I have run on kitchen to be freshened, but its objective was everywhere, even under me :)
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young girl nudistsFirst time I post. That's because with a nice bottle of wine, and you can just about make me do anything! I hope you like my pictures. I can do more if you like what you see.