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I went out looking at new houses with my contractor friend, and had fun "testing them out" to see how good I looked naked in them....
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More of the same!! Would like to hear any special requests of what you would like to see. Lots of feedback please. Welcome any contacts from couples/girls for trading.
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Richard was setting up a couple of lights, so I decided to have a cuppa while I was waiting. He started snapping away before I'd finished my tea. HYLT.
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We are a curious Canadian couple whom are open to anything. My wife would really love to hear what you think of her. We both masterbate to these coments so please be very descriptive.
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Though the weather has been dreary for weeks, we are anticipating spring... I don't like some of the swimwear that we bought, but hubby insisted (and I do this for him, after all ;)
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young nudest photos My husband tells me that I have a body that could stop traffic. If you were driving through a construction zone and saw me, could I stop you?
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for the guys that like the hangers-here's one for you. A little bonus in the mirror (or big bonus). Hopefully it bones up someone. Be sure to leave your comments.
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After a hard day of me doing nothing. My MILF gets very frisky I belive she is trying to suck or fuck me to death, What a great way to go.
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Story: these were taken at my work..i stripped down and get really excited....i'll let you guess at who took the pics!!............................... please let everyone send comments!!love
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Some more shots for the ladies (I know there are a few since they have previously responded). Thanks for a great site Kate, and for posting my pics.
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Several of our friends and our friends on RC have asked .. so here are some posts of "him" ... we hope you like. Of course, always enjoy reading the comments .... maybe more to cum!
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Wicked Bushy Summer is over but I hope these pics will give you some summer feeling. - I'd like to read your nice and nasty comments