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Thanks to all you VW'ers who left so many great comments on my first 2 contris in Private Shots. I'm not a 20-something, but a full bodied woman.
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Kika and I were looking for an idea to answer to a dedicate we receive from new friends we met recently, Sakura and Michel... and Kika suddenly transformed herself in a wonderful Goddess of Rugby ! lol
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Some spread pussy shots of my lovely wife. She gave me 2 wonderfull kids and thinks her body is not lovely enough ... Encourage her to show us more guys and especially girls ...
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Christmas is coming early to my house and it looks like I got caught unwrapping my present. Well, fair is fair, so I will unwrap yours early too! Kisses Catalina
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young teens fuck on the beach So here I am with one more contri to tell them to either GROW UP or ZIP IT. This contri is for ladies only and if you can't handle it go elsewhere.
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Julie decided she would like to post "our" photos. We have done this just for us so need to comment. All were taken in the last three years and our joint age is ...114 years!
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you ladies do an amazing job and have made me hard so often I hope I can help repay the favour by getting you moist and tasting delicious.... if you want more send suggestions...
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Already I am here again, hope that you like these photos and want to have good commentaries, it was the birthday of my husband and in house was waiting for a warm surprise
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Hey everyone! I'm saying hi from Vegas. I had just got back from partying all night, and decided to share with you some pics. Hey, I can do this from anywhere right? I hope you like em!
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What do you think french teachers are doing when school is over ;o)) an old story, long time wiever, and first contri...I just dream to write this for years : PDPMEA lol
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This is our first contrib to the private section. Liz is 30 yr old, likes to be bumped hard from the back. Hope you enjoy. This site is #1. Keep it UP guys... and gals keep it cuming!
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Anther Set of my shy wife (but not shy in private). She's submissive and would love to see pics of what you would do to her. So "get it out" and show her the results and tell her a fantasy